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    CNC Chamfering Grooving and Wire Bending Machine


    1.     Use the computer control, enabling the fool-proof operation, it is able to work under one command.

    2.     Use the Sanyo, Yaskama,Panasonic servo motor and hydraulic system, work in cooperation with the wire bending machine, complete grooving, chamfering and forming at one time, thus saving manual labor and ensuring the product consistency.

    3.     Characterized by reasonable modular design, fast chamfering speed, high surface smoothness and even forming position.

    4.     Make the core components with high hardness materials, ensuring durability and higher reliability.

    5.     Can be used for production of auto kit and other wire  forming products after grooving and chamfering.

         Note: used in connection with wire bending machine

    Product Details

    Model:CNC Chamfering Grooving & Wire Bending Machine

    Number of axis:6 axes

    Wire size: Ø4.0—Ø8.0mmTensile strength500N

    Number of feeding rollers: 3sets

    Power of wire feeding motor:3.8KW

    Power of rotation motor:2.7KW

    Power of cutter motor:1.0KW

    Power of lifting shaft motor:1.0KW

    Power of sleeve rotation motor:2.0KW

    Power of forward-backward motor:1.2KW

    Weight of machine:3800kg

    Input power:380V/50HZ/3P

    Dimension of machine:4350*2250*2000mm